YoMo Barcelona 2020 consolidates its position as the leading science and technology event for young people, educators and parents in Spain.

YoMo celebrates its fourth edition as part of MWC Barcelona, inspiring thousands of young people to pursue careers in science & technology in an increasing mobile world.

Join us from 25-29 February 2020 at La Farga de l’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

Enthusing the next generation of scientists and engineers!

Over five days, YoMo Barcelona welcomes over 29,000 attendees, reuniting students, educators and families to one huge showcase of science and technology. YoMo aims to give young people a better insight into career opportunities in the STEAM sectors (science, technology, engineering, arts & design and mathematics) as a way to bridge the growing skills gap and promote social inclusion through technology.

We want to invite you to see YoMo!

  • See a bit of the future of education
  • See how the GSMA is helping the creative leaders of tomorrow get the digital skills they need
  • See YoMo’s potential as a platform to showcase the efforts of the mobile ecosystem in this critical arena

Find out more on how you get play your part here!

Discover our vibrant show floor

YoMo brings classroom learning to life by delivering a huge range of educational STEAM content in a fun and engaging atmosphere: over 13,000 square meters of eye-popping activities, from deep-dive workshops, to hands-on interactive stands and inspiring presentations and shows, there will be something to engage everyone!

Be inspired and learn from our passionate community

YoMo provides a unique opportunity for organizations within the STEAM sector to come together. Meet and interact with universities, research centres, institutional bodies, outreach specialists, innovators, entrepreneurs, as well as government and business leaders from the STEAM industry.

Teacher Track returns!

Teacher Track provides educators with immersive hands-on continuing professional development that will count towards their ongoing targets.

This two-day symposium showcases some of the very latest trends and insights on the future of education: educational resources, innovation and education programs from around the world, while providing valuable hands-on practical learnings and networking opportunities.

Get involved and inspire the education sector!

Join industry and education experts and thought-leaders

A number of unique sponsorship opportunities are available ranging from keynotes, panels, round table discussions to trainings and workshops.

Family Day @YoMo

YoMo opens its doors to the general public Saturday 29 February! A perfect day out for you and your family to discover the magic of STEAM!

In 2019, YoMo Family Day welcomed 7,000 attendees at La Farga. Activities and presentations are open to all from 3 years onwards (of course toddlers are also welcome!)

YoMo’s engagement programs

Choose your crew

What do you want to be when you grow up? You might want to be a space pilot or a game developer. Career choices are often shaped by what we see the people around us is doing for a living, but what if the job you like does not exist yet? What if you are not aware of it yet?

This program encourages young people to discover their areas of interest, picking amongst 14 different “crews” the one that better suits them and find out the exciting opportunities behind it.

YoMo’s engagement programs


Tech4Girls is an initiative launched to drive the interest of young girls in the STEAM field and contribute to bridge the gender gap in the technology industry from the earliest stages of education. Through the Tech4Girls trail, YoMo invites young girls to discover and learn more about the dynamic role that women play in the STEAM sectors. Find out more on Tech4Girls: https://www.gsma.com/tech4girls/

YoMo’s engagement programs

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Want to tackle a big challenge? The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world's best plan to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030. Through the SDG trail and a number of activities on the show floor, YoMo encourages young people to discover how they can contribute to changing the world through emerging technologies.

More on GSMA’s commitment to UN SGGs: https://www.gsma.com/betterfuture/


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